Rihanna confirms pregnancy after fever performance at Super Bowl

Rihanna confirms pregnancy after fever performance at Super Bowl

Thứ hai - 13/02/2023 09:26
Last week, Rihanna had an explosive performance on the Super Bowl stage and caused a stir when she appeared with a nearly surpassing belly. The singer's representative quickly confirmed she was pregnant.
Rihanna confirms pregnancy after fever performance at Super Bowl
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Rihanna revealed her pregnant belly when performing on the Super Bowl stage on February 12 (local time)

Rihanna is becoming the focus of attention when choosing the stage of Super Bowl LVII Halftime Show to publicize her second pregnancy image. Performing during the halftime break of Super Bowl 2023, the 35-year-old singer wore a tight red outfit to reveal her large belly and occasionally rubbed her full second round. The singer delivered an explosive performance when performing a series of hit songs in her singing career: Only Girl in the World, We Found Love, Work, Wild Thoughts, Pour It Up, All of the Lights, Umbrella, Diamond …
This was the Barbados star's first live performance in five years. Her comeback immediately caused a fever in the media and became a hot topic on social networks. The beauty's special belly also made people talk about it. Not to let people speculate more, on the evening of February 12 (local time), the billionaire's representative in the music industry quickly confirmed to People that she was pregnant for the second time.
Despite being pregnant, Rihanna is still "burning" on stage

Rihanna's pregnancy surprised many public because she and her partner A$AP Rocky had just welcomed their first child in May 2022. In the past few years, the 8X star has put aside her music career, focusing on business and then spending time taking care of her son.
During a chat on the podcast The Process with Nate Burleson , the Umbrella vocalist admitted her life has changed a lot since becoming a mother. "I'm living for my son. Everything matters now and you really have to start taking things into account," the female singer confided. The beauty shared that before having children, her life was very dark, but everything gradually became brighter and more positive after the baby was born. The music billionaire admits that for him, raising children is a challenge but at the same time a worthy reward. "It's hard work but there's nothing more satisfying than that," explains the young mother.
The news of Rihanna's pregnancy comes less than a year after she and A$AP Rocky welcomed their first child

Besides parenting, Rihanna is excited to return to the music scene with a grand performance at Super Bowl 2023. According to People , this is the Diamond hit owner's first live performance since the ceremony. Grammy Awards 2018. The female singer has been actively practicing to deliver an explosive performance on this classy stage.
Along with that, one of the things Rihanna's fans are most interested in right now is when she will release the next music product because it has been 7 years since she released her most recent album - Anti (2016). Responding to fans' expectations, the 35-year-old star shared in a recent press conference: "Musically, I feel open. I feel open to discovering and creating new things, different, weird, weird, and possibly confusing for my fans. I just want to play. I just want to have fun with the music." Last year, the female star attracted attention when singing Lift Me Up - the soundtrack of the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever 

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